You can Skillfully Manipulate Exam Questions in your Favour, Read your Lecturer’s Mind, give him the Answer he so Clearly Desires and get the Straight As you Deserve.

You are busy enjoying the long vacation after the close of the second semester of school. You are lazily scrolling through whatsapp and checking up with your friends.

You decide to scroll through the official whatsapp group for your class in order to stay up to date with the latest in regards to school.

Then you see it.

The first message says: “omo constitutional law result don comot O”. Your heart skips a bit. Then you see another messages confirming the truth of the statement. It says, “Omo, na true O.”

Then you scroll down to read more comments. People lament with tearful emojis. Someone comments “Yeeeeh!!! Dr. Fatope has killed me O, after all I wrote in the exam.”

This is followed by other comments of woe.

“Omo, na blood dey my result”.

“May God save us from these lecturers”.

“I have failed O”

“After all the hard work I put into this”.

And so on the comments of woe follow.

You know you have to check your own result to see how you did, but you’re gripped by fear. You remember the first time you checked your results back in 100 level. You were expecting a good result, because you thought yourself to be a very bright student.

You logged in and checked your 100 level first semester result, and all illusions you had about your genius shattered into a million pieces. The feeling of immense sadness after that lasted for days, and you promised yourself it won’t repeat itself.

You would think you are already used to this, but there is still that nagging fear deep in the pit of your stomach.

Your heart won’t stop beating. You can feel a bitter taste in your mouth. Your palms start getting sweaty.

There is also a bit of dreadful curiosity. You want to see how you performed,

You swallow the fear, calm yourself and log into your portal to check your result.

You click on 200 level, second semester and the result loads.

Internet browsing is usually slow, but this time, it loads too quickly for you.

Then you see it.

It’s quite small since you’re checking your result on your mobile device. So, you have to zoom in to see it clearly.

You place both fingers on your phone screen and drag them apart to zoom in.

Then you see your result.

You cannot believe your eyes. You have an A grade staring back at you.

You place your hand on your beating heart and breathe a sigh of relief.

Things went according to plan.

This was my experience in my 200 level. I did quite badly in my 100 level because I didn’t know how things worked in the University.

This was my 100 level first semester result:

I remember quite clearly what I did in the aftermath of my devastating 100 level results.

I first went to the library and browsed through Learning the Law by Glanville Williams. There was a part the author wrote about answering exam questions.

One thing he said was that when answering exam questions, always try to go the extra mile.

This means that you should write what other students didn’t write. This can be by citing a different case, citing opinions of scholars that you were not taught in class etc.

I also met a lot of my friends who did better and they told me what little they could.

That wasn’t all I did. I went to a senior colleague and asked him to put me through answering exam questions. He gave me some questions to answer, which I did and I submitted it to him.

He showed me a lot of the things I was doing wrong and how to do them better.

With all this, I was able to retrace my steps and do better in my exams. In 200 level, these were the result I got for both semesters:

Unfortunately, not every law student has access to people who would teach them how to approach exam questions.

This means that for a lot of law students, they keep on lumbering in the dark, doing the wrong thing and thinking they did the right thing.

Sadly, the results gotten from exams do not tally with how we think of ourselves.

To remedy this problem, I have created an online course that deals with how to answer law exam questions. It covers everything I’ve learned about the art of answering exam questions.

Introducing Ace LL.B Exams the perfect tool to help you read your lecturer’s mind, give him the answers he wants and get the grades you deserve

With this course, you’ll learn:

  • The best way to navigate problem and essay questions.
  • How to banish confusion when you see a question asking you to discuss a legal principle.
  • Learn the shortcut to answer confusing, long, convoluted essay questions.
  • The easy formula for deciphering issues in problem questions.
  • The straightforward way to deal with complex, confusing, multi-tiered problem questions.

You also Get Direct Access to Me

This course isn't just all theory. There are practice questions after each section of the course where you get to apply what you have learnt. You then send your answer to me and I'll point you in the right direction.

Even if the sample questions do not cover the courses you want, you can always ask me to review answers to other questions you've solved and I'll give you pointers on ways to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
Once you complete your payment, you have unlimited access to course forever, for as long as the internet exists, or if rapture happens tomorrow, or there's a zombie apocalypse... You get my drift...
I'm past 100 and 200 level and my courses are no longer constitutional law and the likes.. would the courses to be taught online tally with my year?
Yes. The course is not about specific courses like constitutional law and the like. Rather, it teaches you methods to answer exam questions for all courses. If you know these methods, you'll be able to answer exam questions at all levels of your undergraduate studies, be it 100 level or 500 level.
Would I get a Certificate at the end of the Course?
The purpose of the course if for you to learn a valuable skill, and the result from this would be clear when you are finally able to handle exam questions. As such, there's no need for a certificate.

What other People are Saying

Adebola Priscilla

I'm extremely grateful for grabbing the opportunity to be a part of the class Djet lawyer took, before I wasn't so good with answering questions or breaking them down which led to little issues in my result which were always Bs and Cs or sometimes D. When I saw the post about a class which explained how to break down questions I jumped on it and I tell you the class was great, broken down into easy easy bits it was so easy to comprehend and easy to apply and I applied what I learnt to my last exam and I just saw my result today. All As!!!!!!!!!!. I'm so happy I took the opportunity and you should too you wouldn't regret it.

Muhammad Luqman

I have gone through the course and I must say you have put up an enticing program both in display and in content for the beneficiaries, this is not only useful to fresh law students, but also to the stallites, who might still have one issue or the other in answering law questions.

Amaka Ofuokwu

The course is quite explanatory and I feel it would be really helpful to law students. Not just the newbies but also old students, who still do not know how to answer law questions. Keep up the good work.

Daniel Aikoye

The course is good. It's very clear and simple and very well articulated. I simply believe that anyone going through this course will thank you for the good job. This is like a lecture that may not be obtained anywhere.

Japhet Lekan

I have been privileged to go through the course you sent and I must confess that it is an unrivalled intellectual composition. A feature I can't appreciate well enough is the choice of words, very simple and direct. Good work sir, more power to your elbow.

Khadijah Bashir

This is wonderful and would be really helpful for students. I love the way it's taken from introduction to conclusion. I love everything, it's perfect. Great Job

Khadijah Awwal Shehu

I have gone through the course and I find it very helpful and detailed, self explanatory too. Thank you very much for making it.

Comes with my ironclad 30 days money back guarantee.

What this means is that if you take the course and don’t like what you see, you can ask for your money back, no questions asked.

I am doing this because I believe in the effectiveness of this course. At the end of this course, you’ll no longer have any issues answering exam questions.

If this is otherwise, ask for a refund within 30 days and I’ll be happy to refund you.